My name is Jessica.  I am 13 years old and I am homeschooled, or home educated as we say here in England.  A lot of people ask me what it’s like to be homeschooled, this blog is to give you an idea of what homeshooling is like. (And no, I don’t sit at a table from nine till three!)

I don’t have to follow National Curriculum (the things they do in school). I can learn whatever I want in whatever order, but I still choose to learn the basic subjects: Math, English, History, Geography, Science, Music and Art. Being homeschooled is just alternative for school, just doing work (learning) a bit differently. My academic day is from nine to twelve and the rest of the day I am free to see friends and do whatever I want. I also have other activities that I like to do. I do dance classes, music/piano lessons, acting and I am part of a youth choir that performs at my local cathedral and I am part of my Catholic Church community. Performing is a big part of my life and being homeschooled helps me have more time to practice and study the subjects like music that I like.  I have three siblings and I am the eldest.   My mom teaches me and we have projects that we do on different countries and all sorts of things! I also like going on outings to zoo’s and museums, some people think going on trips and outings distracts from learning but every day, every minute, you are learning!!! When I was little I went to nursery (‘preschool’ for my American readers) and I went to school for one year. I am lucky I have the option to be homeschoolded and that my mom is available to teach me.   You might think that it’s easier to drop your kids at school every day but actually homeschooling is relatively easy. All you need is access to a computer and WIFI, a space in your house that can be your learning space (ours is our kitchen table) and a few books that are aimed at your child’s age. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and if there are any questions you have or certain things you would like me to post on just leave me a comment.