Crab Apple Jelly

Hi everyone!

I wanted to tell you about my recent experience with crab apples.

My family just got a crab apple tree and at first we were puzzled on what to do with the apples because you cant eat them straight off of the tree. WP_20170927_16_58_54_Pro I then discovered that you can make jelly with the apples and I wanted to have a go.






First I put the apples in the pan, covered them with water and boiled them for 30 minutes.





Next, I put the boiled apples in a cheese cloth and let them drain overnight.WP_20170928_11_19_55_Pro     Then I took the juice, added sugar and boiled it in a pan.


WP_20170928_12_23_16_Pro  After 40 minutes I took a spoonful of jelly and popped it into the fridge.  I let it chill for a while and I knew it was done when it rippled at touch. I poured the jelly into sterilised jars and left them to cool.

wp_20170928_12_23_24_pro.jpg     And then I had my jelly!


I find the best thing to eat crab apple jelly with is peanut butter…. yes a good old PBJ sandwich! Oh I can hear you English people saying….”WHAT???!!!!!!!! You crazy American girl!” The proper way to eat crab apple jelly is with meat…. but I’m going to stick to sandwiches!


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